Our Story

Olde Port Counseling, PLLC was established in 2019 as an individual private practice serving children, adolescents, couples and individuals in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and on the seacoast. Due to a growing need for services, Olde Port Counseling grew in 2022 to become a group mental health practice. This growth as allowed us to serve more clients in the community by being able to offer more individual therapy, family therapy, and couple’s therapy while also creating more opportunities for collaboration between clinicians.

Our Mission

To provide high quality mental health care through the use of evidence-based practices, data-driven care, and clinical collaboration to help those in our community better their lives.

Our Vision

To change the conversation around mental health and mental health care. Clinicians at Olde Port Counseling, PLLC believe that mental health is just as important as physical health. We strive to normalize mental health care to one day create a world where having a therapist is just as common and valued as having a primary care doctor.

Our values


Communities are strong, integrated networks that constantly interact with one another. We value our role in that integrated network by being able to be a support for the mental health needs of our community members. By fulfilling our role, it is our hope that our seacoast network can continue to build upon their own roles to create a healthier, creative, and prosperous environment. Internally, we value community by creating an environment where all clinicians bring their unique perspectives to the table to create a more diverse clinical environment.


The most important aspect of therapy is the client and therapist relationship. If you do not have trust and a positive connection with your clinician, it is highly unlikely you will achieve your therapeutic goals. Our clinician’s value creating a strong environment of connection both in person and online to facilitate healthier outcomes. Additionally, our clinicians collaborate regularly to share expertise with one another to further our own internal connections and build upon our collective knowledge base.


Olde Port Counseling, PLLC strongly values creating a community focused on well-being. If we can all learn to take better care of ourselves as individuals, we have a better chance of taking care of ourselves collectively as a community. At Olde Port Counseling, PLLC, our clinicians are emboldened to make their own schedules, select clients who fit with their interests and expertise, and participate in an environment that is both challenging, yet supportive. We understand that when our clinician’s well-being is cared for, they can provide better supportive care to our clients.