Couple’s & Marriage Counseling

Every relationship experiences a bump in the road. These obstacles are important for growth as a couple to learn to support and care for one another during these difficult times. Sometimes you experience a bump and grow together as a couple. Other times, those bumps can cause you to veer off course, struggling to figure out how to correct course.

In couples counseling, your clinician will help you uncover the relationship patterns that contribute to keeping your relationship stuck. We will help you learn to communicate again to regain traction, communicate better, and enjoy being with one another once again.

What to expect

We will set up a 10-15 min phone conversation with one or both of you to gain a basic understanding of the problem. We will then schedule a time for both of you to attend an intake session.

Prior to the intake session, your clinician will send you both an intake packet to complete individually. It is important that this be filled out and submitted to me separately, so you can feel as though you can give an honest assessment of your current relationship.

At the intake, your clinician will meet with you both together and individually to gain an understanding of your relationship, yourselves as individuals, and how the problem came to be in order to help you start moving toward your ultimate goal.

Things to consider

  • Marriage and couple’s counseling is often not covered by insurance companies.
  • If you are looking to use insurance, one of the individuals in the relationship must meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis. If neither of you meets criteria, you will have to pay for therapy out of pocket.
  • It is important that you are committed to setting aside a weekly time to meet for therapy on top of additional time outside of session for any recommendations to improve your relationship.
  • According to the Gottman Relationship Blog (, couples wait an average of six years being unhappy before reaching out for therapy. Marriage and couple’s counseling does not have to be a last resort! Schedule a session and start moving in a better direction today!