Insurance & Fees

Here are the answers to many questions clients have before their first session with their clinician

Important Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider

  • Do I have mental health insurance benefits?
  • Is telehealth (virtual sessions) covered by my plan?
  • What is my deductible and has it been met?
  • How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?
  • What is the coverage amount per therapy session?
  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?
  • Do I have out of network benefits? If I do not take your insurance, out-of-network benefits may be able to cover the service.


Each clinician is in network with different insurance companies. Check out our provider page to see which insurance company your provider takes. If you do not see your insurance listed, your clinician is considered out of network. Our agency can bill your insurance company as an out of network provider if you have out of network benefits with your insurance plan. We may also be able to set up a single case agreement with your insurance company in certain situations. Check with your insurance carrier for out of network coverage or single case agreement options.

Can I meet virtually for therapy?

Your clinician at Olde Port Counseling, PLLC has the ability to meet with you virtually. This is a great option depending upon scheduling issues, weather, or transportation problems. Talk with your clinician about whether to meet in person for counseling at the office in Portsmouth, NH or virtually. There may be certain situations or problems where meeting virtually is not indicated. Talk with your clinician about whether your situation and goals make sense to meet for virtual sessions.

Why self pay for therapy?

Self pay options are available for all services. Why self pay for your mental health care?

  • Choice. The relationship with your therapist is important. You do not have to rely on your insurance company to tell you who is available to you.
  • Privacy. Your information stays private without correspondence between your therapist and the insurance company.
  • No diagnosis. Insurance companies require a diagnosis. Self pay gives you more freedom over your treatment without the need to assign a diagnosis on your health record.
  • No Maximum. There is no limit on the amount of sessions you are allowed to attend.

Right to Receive a Good Faith Estimate of Expected Charges

Under section 2799B-6 of the Public Health Service Act, healthcare providers and healthcare facilities are required to inform individuals who are not enrolled in a plan or coverage or a Federal healthcare program, or not seeking to file a claim with their plan or coverage both orally and in writing of their ability, upon request or at the time of scheduling healthcare items and services, to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” of expected charges.


We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. Payment is due at the time of service.

Cancellation Policy

Please be aware there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you miss your appointment or are unable to cancel within 24 hours, you may be charged a cancellation fee. The decision about whether to charge the cancellation fee is at the discretion of your clinician. Payment or a plan for payment must be made at the next meeting in order to reschedule.