Family Therapy

When starting a family, each person enters with a mutual goal to create the family they always envisioned. Often this vision is positive and optimistic and leads everyone to both experiencing high levels of happiness. Upon embarking on this journey, parenting, illness, careers, and life stress can throw the family off balance and leave parents wondering whether they can ever reach the vision the set out to achieve in the beginning. Conflict and stress can cloud that vision, leaving the place where you should feel the most comfort, into an environment that makes it difficult to return home to at the end of the day. For parents experiencing a divorce or blending two families, they may wonder whether it is possible to rebuild the vision they once had.

Family therapy is designed to help each family member understand their role in the family, how the family got off track, and how to reshape or shape relationships with family members to put that positive family vision in the foreground rather than in the rearview.

What to expect

We will schedule a 10-15 minute call to learn about your family’s roadblocks and schedule an initial appointment.

Every family member is encouraged to attend the initial meeting to help your clinician get a good understanding of your family and the problem.

Your clinician will let you know who is needed at each subsequent appointment in order to start moving your family in a more positive direction.